The 5 Most Practiced Sports In The World

Millions and millions of people practice sports every day in the world. Children, adults, young people, outdoors or indoors, sport, in general, is a very healthy activity that entertains us, helps us find ourselves better and helps us lead a better lifestyle.

What would you say are the most popular sports in the world? Hint: number one is not football. The truth is that a wide range of sports is practiced around the world. There are some that, although in a certain country they are very popular, in others they are hardly known. 

Depending on the area of ​​the world, the sports that are practiced may be more popular or more common, but there are many who do not understand locations and are spread throughout the planet Earth. Therefore, we will tell you below which are the  5 most practiced sports in the world.


The first place is for swimming. Around the world, no more and no less than 1,500 million people practice this sport. As the experts point out, it is one of the most complete activities that exist.


Although soccer may be the most followed sport in the world, it is not the most practiced. There are around 1 billion footballers globally.


The third place is for volleyball, with 990 million practitioners. Both in the track mode, in which the teams are made up of six players, and in the beach one. In addition, in recent years, a new modality has emerged that has more and more followers: snow volleyball.


Now let’s go with basketball, with 400 million players. It can be practiced 365 days a year, and there is a wide range of modalities. One of the most followed today is known as “3 × 3 baskets”: two teams of three players each play to win in a single basket.


The fifth place is for tennis, with 300 million people practicing it around the world. Tennis was born in Europe at the end of the 18th century. At that time, it was only practiced by upper-class people. Since 1986 it is an Olympic sport.