Pruning Your Tree: Why and How to Keep It Healthy

The Importance of Pruning Your Tree

Pruning your tree is a crucial part of keeping it healthy. If you don’t, the tree could be at risk for diseases or insects that will attack and kill it. Why is pruning so important? It’s because trees need to grow new branches in order to stay strong and healthy. The balance between old wood, new growth, and deadwood needs to be maintained in order for the tree to thrive! Tree services in Hendersonville, TN have some tips for you!

The balance between old wood, new growth, and deadwood keeps them strong and healthy by ensuring there are always enough leaves available to produce oxygen necessary for life so we can breathe easy as well as make sure the roots get plenty of water from rainwater runoff throughout the year too! Old limbs must be removed in order to allow more sunlight through and to make room for new growth.

Tree Services In Hendersonville, TN

This is a good time to mention that if you live in the southern hemisphere, it’s important to prune your tree during spring and fall months because this will help promote more flowery blooms! Choose an appropriate tool like loppers or hand saws before beginning work on trimming away unwanted limbs (deadwood). In order for the process of pruning trees to go smoothly, always cut back branches against their grain so they do not split apart as much when cutting them off from where they’re originally attached. Make sure all cuts are clean by using disinfectant spray and soap mixed together after each cut has been made.

The most common mistakes people make while pruning their trees include: forgetting safety gear, not pruning enough to keep them healthy, and removing the tree canopy. Remember that it’s never a good idea to step on or stand in places where you can’t see your feet! For example, if someone were to be trimming high up in an apple tree then they should always have eye protection available so that they do not get harmed by any falling debris like apples going bad because of being exposed for too long.