Affordable Medicare Insurance for Pregnant Women

Pregnant Women’s Guide to Medicare

What are the benefits of Medicare for pregnant women, and how to find a cheap medicare supplement? What you can do if your spouse has health insurance and is ineligible for Medicare?

Pregnant Women’s Guide to Medicare: You can find a cheap medicare supplement for pregnant women by comparing the cheapest plans. Prenatal care is not included in basic coverage under Medicare, so you’ll need to purchase a separate plan if you want that additional protection against pregnancy-related complications.

In general, it pays to compare prices before buying any insurance or supplemental plan because different companies will offer very different rates based on your age and medical history – even with the same exact policy!

Cheap Medicare Supplement

Take in consideration if your have a spouse with health insurance, and is ineligible for medicare. If this is the case you can still qualify for Medicare by meeting certain requirements, you had some type of disability before age 26, such as blindness, mental retardation, kidney failure, etc

Your children are eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), but not Medicaid; they live in your house and you provide at least 50 percent of their support.

If a physician certifies that you have end stage renal disease requiring dialysis or transplantation to stay alive (or will require it within 12 months), and there’s no reasonable expectation that your condition will improve then you can also qualify for Medicare.

After being approved by Social Security, you can go to a premium-free Part A hospital insurance plan through your state’s Medicaid program, or turn down coverage and pay $110 per month in 2014.

If you opt out and decide later on that you want it back, all you have to do is apply again at any time during the year and they’ll usually restore it free of charge! You may be required to complete an application form every 12 months while pregnant if opting for this path.