Make Your Upholstered Furniture Last with the Right Fabric Care

Hacks For Maintaining Your Upholstery

Fabrics are one of the most important features in upholstery. They not only provide style and comfort, but also protection from dust particles and allergens that can accumulate within your furniture. There is a wide variety of fabrics available to suit any home décor, whether you prefer modern or traditional styles – or both! Before choosing an upholsterer for your project, it’s important to know about fabric care so that you have peace-of-mind knowing your investment will be protected.

Upholstery Fabric

How to select the right fabric?

The most important thing to know when selecting upholstery fabric, is how it will need to be cared for. Some fabrics are more durable and resistant than others, while some may require dry cleaning only if they’ve been properly treated by the manufacturer. Fabrics like linen or wool can withstand heavy use – even from pets – but do have a downside: you’ll want to take extra care with stains as these materials don’t always respond well to touch-up treatments. Other fabrics that work best in high traffic areas include microsuede and velour because of their ability to resist spills and wear-and-tear while still providing luxurious comfort. On the other hand, leather typically requires special maintenance as its surface needs protection from scratching as well as exposure to sunlight and water.

The furniture fabric you choose is one of the most important factors in determining how long your upholstered pieces will last. Upholstery comes with a number of different materials, but some are more durable than others which means that they need to be cared for differently depending on what type it is.