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Jeet Kune Do Links

Bruce Lee - Wing Chun
Bruce Lee Quotes - Quotations from Bruce Lee on simplicity
Bruce Lee's Fighting Method - Excerpts from 'Basic Training' by Bruce Lee and M. Uyehara.
Chihand Martial Arts - Features articles on training and philosophy from a Jeet Kune Do perspective. Also includes discussion forum
How to Master Bruce Lee's Fighting System by Joe Lewis - This site previews the new Joe Lewis book on his training with Bruce Lee and has nine contributed chapters from his peers at the time on their observations of Bruce and Joe working together.
International Jeet Kune Do - Instruction in Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do
Jeet Kune Do - Stop Hit - Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts (stick fighting and knife fighting) with Sitta Wangtarawut. [Bangkok
Jeet Kune Do : Bruce Lee - Offers a detailed biography of Bruce Lee and an extended description of JKD philosophy. Also features an active messageboard
Jeet Kune Do Canada - Resource site for those interested in training in JKD in Canada.
Jeet Kune Do Family - Canada - Canadian instructors representing the Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts
Jeet Kune Do Forum - JKD message board moderated by instructor Tim Tackett.
Jeet Kune Do Ideology India - Training and information towards authentic propogation of the jeet kune do principles in India.
Jeet Kune Do Instructor - Training information and resources
Jeet Kune Do JKD World - List of influential JKD instructors and short essay by Bruce Lee.
Jeet Kune Do Street-Fighting - Introduction to the basics of the Jeet Kune Do approach.
Jeet Kune Do Today - Sections on the straight lead
Jeet Kune Do Wednesday Night Group: Redlands - This a non-profit group was founded to help define and teach the core curriculum of Bruce Lee’s art of Jeet Kune Do
Jerry Meyer's Web Site - Chronicles Jerry Meyer's training in American Kenpo Karate
Jun Fan Fighting Arts Association - Animations of techniques
Professor Gary Dill's Jeet Kune Do Association - Professor Gary Dill trained under Bruce Lee while he was alive. His site offers seminars
Progressive Fighting Systems by Paul Vunak - An organization dedicated to the exploration and teaching of realistic street self-defense. PFS was formed fourteen years ago by Jeet Kune Do instructor Paul Vunak.
Steve Grody's Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts - Advice on the sequencing and relationship of technique and training method of JKD and adjunct arts such as Muay Thai and Silat
Wu Li -- Universal Close Quarter Combatives - Discussion on developing a personal style of martial combat using JKD concepts and tactical firearms training.

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