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Minor Leagues Links

Deep South Class D Baseball - Information about the Class D Alabama-Florida League
For The Love Of The Game - A history of the Newton Conover Twins minor league team from 1939-1962.
Fort Worth Cats - Details storied history of Fort Worth Cats minor-league baseball teams.
Kitty League Baseball - The history of the Kentucky-Illinois-Tennessee ("Kitty") League
Mike McCann's Minor League Baseball Page - Includes an exhaustive list of leagues and teams past and present.
Oakland Oaks - Player profiles
One Year Wonders of 1969 - Written history of the Seattle Pilots
Pennisula Pro Baseball Hall of Fame - Members are from professional baseball teams which played in the Hampton/Newport News
San Francisco Seals - Played in the Pacific Coast League from 1903 through 1957.
The Sacramento Solons of the 1940s and 1950s - Online museum of baseball cards and collectibles of the Sacramento Solons.
Three-I League - 1901-1961
Union City Greyhounds/Dodgers Baseball - The Union City Grehounds played in the defunct Kitty League from 1935-55.

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